Summer is the best time for trends because there is more time to be out and share your style and faves, the sun puts everyone in a better mood, and there is more free time to try new things. The best thing about trends is everyone knows that it is totally okay to experiment with no judgement. With so many summer trends happening right now - everything from bold eyeshadows to headbands (#comeback, am I right) there are 10 that I am in love with right now!

1. PANTONE'S COLOR OF THE YEAR - Living Coral (Pantone 16-1546) is the color of 2019 and let me be [not] the first to admit how #obsessed I am! I introduced a palette of pinks into my everyday life about a year ago and have not regretted it once. When the new year hit and Pantone announced the color for 2019, LISTEN I about died. Then, of course, a few nights ago, I was wandering...wait for it...Target...with my guy, and I was literally complaining that everyone loves pink now [LOL] So, thanks @Pantone for making everyone obsess over my color #trending

2. MIDI SKIRTS AND DRESSES - Before this trend, I was a total mini skirt girl. Even when the trend first hit, I was pretty sure I would not like it. It wasn't until I bought this dress that I was really sold on the trend. I love wearing this dress as a skirt and a dress (side note: I was like totally ashamed of making my clothes versatile. It wasn't until I saw Rachel Martino wearing a dress tucked into pants that I was like okay I'm going to tell the world I do this, too!) That said, I got this new midi dress a few days ago that was on clearance at Madewell, and I am in love with it!

3. SCARF SCRUNCHIES - Having short hair can be a pain when it comes to styling. And Most of the time my little bob looks the same day in and day out because any sort of styling will leave me looking A. like I'm 12 or B. bald *enter scarf scrunchies* My hair game is changed forever! Making a tiny ponytail looks SO much cuter with a scarf! And, my favorite part of this trend is, they are sold already knotted and bowed so you know they will not fall out of your hair throughout the day; making them perfect for theme parks, day trips, and anything else you can find to do in the summer!

4. GRAPHIC TEES - So, I've actually kind of always been into graphic tees, but I rarely find some good staple tees that actually last through seasons. I know it is kind of an oxymoron to call graphic tees a staple anyways because they are often loud and proud, but I have found a few this summer that are really sticking with me, including this one from Madewell which is boxy and heavier so it pairs well with a pencil skirt or tighter denim. And this one from Sezane is basically so loud that it is a basic.

5. DEWEY MAKEUP - I definitely just need to preface this by saying I think there is a very, very fine line between dewey makeup and looking wet. That said, this trend is totally cute and is perfect for summer when you want to look effortlessly undone. Dewey makeup gives the just came in from tanning but still look flawless affect.

6. RATTAN EVERYTHING - You already know I am into this if you follow me on Instagram but it's still worth mentioning that rattan is the best. If you don't know what rattan is, it is basically a dried palm branch or fiber that's woven to make baskets, purses, etc. So, now it's popular in interior design and for accessories. I have these rattan earrings from Anthropologie which I paired with this #trendy dress from Amazon and these platform shoes (also trendy, TBA).

7. SKIN CARE - I’m not the only one who has noticed that taking care of your skin has become trendy, right? And I am so happy about it! I love to wear light makeup in summer with the heat and humidity; but that’s so hard sometimes! I had cystic acne throughout most of my college years and now have some serious scars. I have tried all sorts of remedies but nothing has been as amazing as natural skincare! I love brands like Honest Beauty, Burt’s Bees, Too Cool for School, and Mario Badescu. I hadn't been very experimental with my skincare routine before it became #trendy, but I am so glad I did!

8. PLATFORM SHOES - The first thing that came to my mind when I was writing this description was ”YEEEESSSSSSS” because platform shoes are just that good!! I literally have always hated wearing heels! I am 5'3" and cannot stand the feel of heels; but platform shoes...#ohyes! There are so many options everywhere now, which is such a blessing! If you're looking to hop on this trend, check the Nordstrom sale this week!

9. THRIFTED DENIM - I am not good at shopping at thrift stores, guys. It takes me hours, and I normally walk out with two items! BUT I do know what to look for on the denim racks, and I have successfully rescued several pairs of jeans to be made into cutie shorts for summer! This trend is not only A. adorable, but B. affordable (oh yes I did), so how could I not love it? My tips? Look for a denim wash you love and size up! Most sizes are pretty inaccurate to what we wear today, anyways, and I love my thrifted shorts to look more "mom" style and less modern!

10. MATCHING SETS - These are SO CUTE and one of the few trends on this list that I was really not into before this summer (when it became trendy). One of the hardest things for me can be putting together an exciting outfit. I mean, yes I have tons of clothes (don’t we all??) but sometimes finding an outfit I want to wear is SO difficult. With these cute matching sets, it‘s suddenly so easy to find something for any occasion. Not only that, but they come in so many different styles, patterns, and fabrics, so literally anyone looks good and can feel good in them!


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