It's happening. If you read my most recent post you'll know that one of my big passions is design, specifically interior design. I am so excited to begin my first project post-grad right in my own space.

If there is one thing I learned watching interior designers on HGTV shows, it's that you can style an entire a room based on one piece. I'm starting my bedroom with my bamboo swivel chair for inspiration

This chair is reminiscent of a 1970's peacock chair, and the chair I found - although not quite the same shape and size - goes for nearly the same price (quite a deal getting it for from off the side of the road!).

As soon as I found this beautiful piece, I knew it had to be the focal point of whatever room it would go in. For now, that's the only room I have - my bedroom, yay!

With my vibe set, I knew the chair needed a seat cushion to match, so I headed for Target (aka heaven) and kept to the new line "Opal House" which hit the shelves a little less than a year ago. The feminine, '70's, bohemian home goods line is exactly what I decided to model my own room after. I am currently in love with bold mixed patterns and colors, and I am definitely glad it's so easy to find them right now.

To bring my dreams to reality, I have been spending a lot of time in thrift stores and peddler's malls searching for bamboo and rattan pieces to accent as well as unique vases or trinkets to tie the whole space together. In my next room reno update, I will include some of my fun finds!


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