An important step in my room renovation process is #thrifting decor and furniture! I have never been good at thrifting clothes. I always spend way too long in the stores and find nothing I actually like, especially vintage items. But, for some reason, as the past few months have shown, I am quite adept at #furniturethrifting! Basically everything you see in the images above I got from a thrift store!!

So, how do I do it? Well, I wish I had a secret formula that worked for everyone, BUT the number one thing I can advise is: only buy it if you love it! I'm serious. If you think your room cannot live without it, that's how you know you need it. Otherwise, you might end up with items you don't have space for and don't really need.

The white quilt on my bed is a handmade vintage quilt that I found for $30! I saw it on a bottom shelf at a local thrift store and passed it up twice before finally choosing it while I was already in line. AND I'm so glad I did because it is #dreamy.

Part of the reason I said yes to that quilt was the PINK, vintage mirror I had found an hour before at a different thrift store. The first thing I thought when I saw that mirror was vintage, French apartment, so naturally, I had to have it.

Of course, before I had those two pieces, I had my bamboo swivel chair which I am still #obsessed with. I got this chair on the...wait for it...side of the road, for FREE. Someone was throwing out an entire set of these chairs, some were slightly damaged. We have no idea what the original set was intended for since all of the chairs had wheels. I wanted a completely different vibe, so we removed the wheels no problem, and now I have THE most amazing chair in my room. Chairs like these run for between $150-$400 depending on the size and authenticity so finding one for FREE still has me baffled!

At this point, I was thinking my room was basically complete, then I found this rattan woven place mat. It was only $0.50 so how could I pass it up? It's flimsy so it's not the best bed tray, but it is still so cute to decorate with!

And now you're thinking, okay Taryn, you can't possibly have gotten any more cute furniture for your room at a thrift store, but I did!!

That white woven bench is not a vintage item. It was originally from Pier One Imports and has been painted from its original chocolate brown hue. But, it did come in a set of two chairs for $40 for all three pieces! I really had no need for the chairs, but this is not a deal you can just pass up! So, now I have a sweet little white ottoman bench for my room.

Don't be fooled by the amount of great thrifted pieces I've found in such a short time. I thought about each before I bought it or grabbed it from the side of the road. There is no tip for making great items just show up when you go to the thrift store, and if you're not too crafty, you don't have to rely on buying a "fixer-upper." Just stick to my simple tip. If you want it, you got it.


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