When I began the process of updating my blog for #relaunch, I KNEW I had to gather inspiration first. I would never start a creative project - big or small - without planning and researching. As an artist, it was very important to me that every little detail of my site would be unique and engaging. Since my old site design was falling flat, I wanted to include animations and colors that spoke to my personality and correlated with my Instagram.

I began by experimenting and wandering until I caught a spark of inspiration. That moment actually came while I was in the mall near the end of my spring semester. I passed a storefront that caught my eye. Madewell had a special display for their summer launch called "Motel Madewell." The storefront was completely retro-vintage with bold fonts and a dreamy pastel pallet. I was instantly SO inspired by this theme for summer that you can actually see my Instagram shift around June to softer tones and playful vintage vibes. Then, I knew I wanted to redesign my personal branding for good, and THAT was the direction I wanted to take it.

Once I knew where my inspiration was coming from, I began gathering ideas on Pinterest and Instagram and organizing them. I love scrolling social media for inspiration and creating boards and collections to keep everything in one place #organizationfreak. When I'm creating inspiration boards, I try not to "edit" myself to much because I really want my raw ideas. Anything that's catching because of the font, color, design, I'll save. Once I have all lots of inspiration gathered, I take time before looking back over it. Taking a fresh glance can really change how a project turns out.


With inspiration gathered, I organized all of it into specific boards like “inspiration for blog post ideas”, “fonts and typekits I really like”, and “perfect color pallets”.

Tip: it is very important before you begin any sort of creative project to make sure you have all of your ideas categorized. Whether you consider yourself an organized person or not, it will save you time in the long run and help you ensure you have everything you need before you begin.

The next step was to begin! I opened a new webpage on my account and took off! I work best with a favorite show on in the background. So, Netflix went on, an iced coffee was made, and I went to creating.

I had so much fun designing my new site! Choosing a theme with colors that worked and little graphic elements was so fulfilling. I finally felt like I was myself again.

I knew there were several elements that I HAD TO HAVE on my new site to promote better flow and aesthetics. I wanted a menu that was frozen on the top of the page as the viewer scrolled; I wanted as few pages (tabs) as possible to keep my site simple; I wanted a large landing space for viewers to see the most recent update; and of course, to feature my Instagram.

This step in the process was probably my favorite. I love spending time with my projects, and having the ability to create my own website made it feel more personal.

I picked a bold font for the homepage and main titles. It was a really graphic element that totally popped. I also LOVE the look of it in black or white. It took me forever to find the font I wanted for my paragraphs and captions. I love sans serif but there wasn't a plan sans that I loved against the main typeface. Eventually (seriously, eventually) I found one that was perfect. It was simple, sweet, and easy to read. The typekit also came with a plethora of variations that give me the ability to create catching titles and cute paragraphs with the same typeface.

I then paired my typeface with the website template I had created; next came the color pallet and voilà, I was like halfway done...

I had SO many ideas and desires for my site that I couldn't do it all at once OR in the timeline I had given myself. I knew one day I would have a place for my #PeachyGirlsClub to meet, a place for potential clients to view my portfolio, and a place for my regular audience to shop my art and merch. But, I settled for creating a more sustainable schedule for the launch of each element and went ahead with the detail work on the main space.


If you do not recognize some of the details I'll be talking about, head to my Instagram bio! Many of them have been linked there since the beginning and went without a huge introduction (another reason to post this in-depth look at my re-launch).

“Somewhere between Palm Springs and Paris...” - This tagline came to mind as I was processing what I actually wanted to write about (lol, I know). A lot of times bloggers can get caught up writing about too many categories and their audience gets lost. I knew I wanted a broad category without saying "lifestyle" so I brainstormed hashtags and found one available about "Palm Springs IN Paris." I was instantly in love with the idea, but thought it didn't make sense since I didn't live in Paris OR Palm Springs and hadn't visited either enough times to claim it. So, "Somewhere between..." was born. I love living somewhere between Palm Springs and Paris literally and metaphorically. It helps keep my wardrobe fresh, and I love channeling the tagline in my Instagram content. With it, I was inspired to create vintage/retro style content that is feminine and fresh. I always try to think outside the box for my Instagram and blog content, which is why I don't set such hard deadline for myself. I am not a full-time content creator, so I like to allow myself space to think and move creatively.

Tip: Elements that make your website, Instagram, blog, etc. uniquely yours are what is going to draw audiences. Gathering inspiration and ideas is essential, but leave those at the door when you enter the details phase. Now, it's all about what is special about YOU.

#taryncelebrates - This hashtag was a lowkey addition to my brand re-launch. I have a love for holidays, especially obscure ones. Since I normally celebrate them, I decided to add the hashtag to my content creating routine. You can follow the tag on Instagram or just wait for me to post about some silly national holidays.

#itspeachywithtaryn - Why not, #amirite? Pink is NOT my favorite color, but it IS a beautiful color. Pink reminds me of Palm Springs AND Paris, so I chose it as the main accent. I have been utilizing it in my Instagram posts for a while now, it was about time I made it official. Check out the hashtag to see some of my fave pink moments (and follow it to see ALL of my pink moments to come).

The whole Re-Launch week - I couldn’t write this post without giving a little background to my motivation and inspiration for an entire week of #amazing fun! Here is the BIG inspiration: literally nothing. I know, I'm shocking all of you, but seriously, I dreamt this up myself! From the moment I knew I wanted a refresh, I dedicated all of my work to God. He is the ultimate Creator, and it is my desire that he guides my every move. I know that all of my work here and elsewhere is ultimately his. So, I had been planning the huge launch week since I first strolled past that Madewell storefront, I laid out the elements I wanted to post each day and planned shoots for each, including making a little studio to do photos with a pink background! I also knew I definitely wanted to do a giveaway for my followers and for newcomers! I went shopping for all of the goodies for the giveaway and RIGHT BEFORE I hit "post," I decided to make it a mystery giveaway and changed the whole trajectory. I retyped everything and posted it, but I was seriously SO nervous to go through with it because I didn't think anyone would enter if they didn't know what they could win. But, you all blew me away when there ended up being over 600 entries! God really blessed this website and everything it involves, from the #PeachyGirlsClub to the simple little Instagram posts I am inspired to create.

I have loved, loved, loved making content for you, and I am SO excited to see what I can do in the future. I have so many goals and dreams for this space that seem so distant and out of reach right now; but, one day maybe we can share in the JOY of seeing them!

And, don't forget, #itspeachywithtaryn xx

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