Well, it's true. After changing my major more times than I care to mention, I graduated from a private liberal arts university (very fancy, I know) with a degree in Art & Design. The part everyone is waiting for: for me to say what I want to do next. Actually, most people ask "What are you doing next," implying I have the next five years - or even one year - lined up.

To be completely honest, I don't. I have desires, dreams, sure, but I have nothing lined up. Nothing is set in stone for me.

So, why am I writing this post? Right now I'm writing it at a slightly inconceivable hour with leftover Chinese food on my bed in a room full of stuff that I don't know what to do with. And I'm writing to say that where I came from, the place I spent the last four years was truly one of the most magical places I have ever been.

It's rare that you meet such honest, authentic people in a religious environment (I think we are all mature enough to admit that). It's rare that professors care so deeply for each student in a college classroom, enough to ask you to coffee just for a chat. It's rare that you can walk into the Registrar office with no appointment and receive two hours worth of help to ensure you graduate with sufficient credits and have fun simultaneously. It's rare that you can sit in the student center surrounded by friends and pray your hearts out with no problem. These things are rare, but they're Asbury.

And no, Asbury did not pay me to write this. I'm also not writing this to say that everyone should go to a small, private university for four years. These thoughts are coming from a girl who once was told not to go to a private school and stay in a "bubble". These thoughts are also coming from a girl who - while she spent four years in the previous paragraph - was also surrounded by people who "couldn't wait to get out [of Asbury]." So, I guess I'm writing this to tell everyone still at Asbury to savor every second you have there. And I'm telling everyone who criticized "the bubble" that I feel stronger and more prepared for the world than I could ever have asked for. And I'm writing to say that my degree is just as valuable from the school I attended as it would be from a regular public state school.

Let me tell you, the past four years were magic. In all of the ups and downs, the last four years prepared me to walk across the stage dreaming of becoming an interior designer. Here's to the next four years.

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