After a few months of living like a nomad, I can say I’ve never felt more thankful. I’ve been through many seasons of discomfort, confusion, depression, and loneliness - as many of us have.

Many times the Thanksgiving holiday season came around, I wasn’t thankful for anything in my heart. I dreaded going around the table that Thursday evening, knowing I had to make up some kind of campy “family” or “health.” This year is SO different, and I know what I’m thankful for without a doubt. It’s the one thing that has kept me afloat as I spend my days in solitude; it’s the thing that makes me smile when I get to talk on the phone with someone I love for just a few minutes; it's a God-given gift that has kept my cup overflowing when I'm crashing in bnb's for weeks without end; it’s JOY.

Joy fills this holiday season for so many. It's in the songs, printed on cards, knitted into sweaters...but I haven’t let it fill me in years. This year I decided early on to accept joy as a daily gift no matter the circumstance I found myself in. That decision proved a true test as the days passed. Ups and downs with my mental health, friendships, and finances had me questioning that decision. But, I can promise that the more I practiced choosing joy daily the easier it became to just shrug and say "Okay, Lord."

Thanksgiving is hard for many. Not everyone has food on their table, a roof over their heads, or socks on their feet. But, Jesus is the ultimate Comforter and Friend. Resting in him is warmer and more joy-filled than any holiday table.

Take it from me. I will be hundreds of miles from my family this Thanksgiving. But, I do have the joy of the holiday season. Don't take for granted the place you will be during this season. You may not be there next year. But, wherever you are, you'll still be able to be filled with joy.

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