Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Today has been quite hectic. I am still trying to process how much you all poured into this relaunch. I said it on my stories, I’ll say it again: I cannot believe over 600 friends entered my giveaway!

The mystery box giveaway was a huge leap because I had never seen another Instagrammer do it before! I went out on a limb to host a giveaway where no one knew what was being given away! And, I’m so glad I did! I had amazing feedback from all of you (aka expect more in the future!!)

I wish I could have given something to everyone who entered! So, if you entered, and did not win (I'm looking at you, girls who entered 20+ times!) subscribe to my blog, and I'll email you a treat! Yes, I'm going to keep it a mystery. Yes, you need to have entered the giveaway to receive the mystery treat! Yes, it is worth it!

Okay, not cool to give a treat to only a few people? Good thing I have more tricks up my sleeve! This little site is not going to be just another cute place to see how another fashion blogger styled her expensive clothes. At my heart, I am a photographer and an artist, so this site will also in-part be a place where I share my client experiences and stories. I have always loved reading posts like these; so, they will defff become a regular program on #wt.

You're right, that wasn't a treat for you at all. Okay, how about if you subscribe (whether you entered my launch giveaway or not) and you will receive a 30% off any session with me! All you have to do is go down to the bottom of this page and type in your email and soon you'll be posting some pretty rad (self-proclamation warning) photos on your Instagram #yes who does not want this??

Now that you are subscribed, let's talk about how this is going to go down. The new With Taryn is a place somewhere between Palm Springs and Paris. Not just literally, either. My style is so #allovertheplace ya feel? One day I'm in high waisted shorts from Goodwill, the next I'm rocking a midi skirt. How can I nail down a style like that and call it my own? Well, we'll just have to make it its own thing. With Taryn is going to be a place where you can get your daily dose of salmon, apricot, and peach, get your #PostcardFrom fix and follow along as I reno my room. There will always be plenty of coffee and macarons for reading snacks; and the occasional deep chat about things happening in the world.

With Taryn not only has a new look but a new purpose. I hope you feel at home in this place.

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