Updated: Nov 20, 2019

*Images from Pinterest

I normally post these cute little Pinterest inspiration boards on my Instagram story, but with all of my free time, I wanted to take up this style of mood board that I have seen floating around before and absolutely love!

With the amount of stress I've had recently, I haven't allowed myself to get into the holiday cozy spirit. But, I had some amazing news a couple of days ago, and now I feel like I can daydream and listen to Christmas music in the spirit of peace.

Not that you shouldn't try to stay positive in the midst of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but it is difficult! I remember having a similar discussion last Christmas season with my friends and family about not remembering feeling as Christmassy as I did that season in a long time - which I attribute to being overwhelmed with college.

Not any more friends! I have some cozy content planned, and we are going to get into the holiday spirit! Let's throw the Christmas music on! Forget that it's only November 6! Now I'm really feeling merry and bright.

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