Four years ago, I was settling back home from a 10 day trip to Europe. Thinking about the fact that I was in London and Paris is sometimes unbelievable, still! I love reminiscing on my time. It feels like it is almost the centennial anniversary because the trip was right after I graduated high school; now fresh out of college, I'm feeling quite nostalgic about it.

To honor of my time, I thought I'd just share some quick snaps from Paris. Much of the specifics of our time are now lost to memories, so enjoy this blank postcards from Paris.

I took all of these images on my simple little iphone 5 and still love to look back over them (I have hundreds!). The city has changed so much since my 5 days in Paris, I need to head back soon! I started a new hashtag to collect my travel photos. Follow #wanderwithtaryn on Instagram to see some of my original Paris photos and snaps from my other trips.

Ocean Waves 2.png