With all of this time off I've had, I've been trying to take really good care of my skin (which normally means no makeup); but, sometimes it feels good to "get ready" and try a new makeup look. Recently, I've been totally into pinks (surprise). I got the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette at Christmastime, and I am seriously obsessed with it!

My go-to spring makeup look is all about the pink and the shimmer! I always start off with a moisturizer; this Glossier moisturizer-primer duo is my new fav! I have also been loving the new vegan Covergirl foundation "skin milk." It's so light and has a dewy finish (perfect for spring!) I have been trying to keep my makeup light during this time, so I top it off with concealer if I need it, (this Kookie concealer is amazing!) and a peachy eyeshadow look! That's it! Simple and peachy spring makeup!

Stay safe out there, peaches!

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